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Welcome to Chaplin's North Bend Chevrolet


About Chaplin's North bend Chevrolet:

The Dealership Story
Chaplin's Automotive is a family run business led by Kent and Barbara Chaplin along with their sons Brandon, Nick and Tyson.

Kent started in the Western Washington automotive business in 1973 when he opened up Kompact Kar Korner in Lynnwood, Washington. Though starting out with literally, compact cars, "Kompact" quickly gained a reputation in the region for having a steady, healthy inventory of muscle cars, and for specializing in Chevrolet Corvettes in particular.

In January of 1992 Kent decided a change was needed and sold Kompact, to long time friend and associate Louis Lamb who is still going strong on the "Korner", and purchased Bellevue Mazda from Jerry Kenny in April 1993. In May 1994 Volkswagen and Subaru were added, purchased from another Bellevue dealer.

In 1999, Kent decided to move forward with just the Volkswagen and Subaru lines, and was granted a release from Mazda Motors. In May of that same year, the historic North Bend Chevrolet was added to the group.

Kent has always been and always will be active in the daily operations of the dealership. Barbara works on marketing and advertising, community outreach and special projects for the dealership. Barb and Kent's three sons: Brandon, Nick and Tyson, each work for the group rotating through service, sales and parts to learn the business from the inside.

As Seattle area natives, (well, Kent moved here from Massachusetts when he was 11 years old) the Chaplin family appreciate the diverse needs of Western Washington residents. That is why Chaplin's Automotive Group is so proud to offer three distinctive lines of vehicles - Volkswagen and Subaru in Bellevue and Chevrolet in North Bend - in order to offer something for everyone.

Standing behind these three great lines is the Chaplin's Automotive Group's commitment to customer service and satisfaction. As a group, we believe that our job is not done when you drive your vehicle off our lot or out of our service department. We believe our commitment to you our customer is in seeing that you are a delighted customer in all our departments so that you can truly say that dealing with Chaplin's was a fun car buying experience and that your service experiences are relatively painless.

We aim to make you and your family part of our dealership family.

Our Online Advantage

Car, truck, van or SUV shopping can be a tiring and frustrating task. The power of the Internet gives consumers the ability to comparison shop, check prices and availability of vehicles in the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.

Whether you are using the Internet to view your options, narrow your selection or actually purchase your next set of wheels, we are pleased to present hundreds of new and pre-owned offerings.

Using this website you can browse our entire inventory or search for your specific needs. Of course our stock changes minute by minute. Should your exact selection be unavailable, we will supply you with alternatives within your make, model, year and price parameters.

With our Volkswagen and Subaru location in Bellevue and our Chevrolet location in North Bend we have hundreds of new and pre-owned cars, trucks, vans and SUVs available. If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask. We are always on the hunt to fill special requests.

Chaplin's Mission Statement

We embody the spirit and culture of our automakers.

Our store personifies the spirit of excellence.

Success happens through communication, not confrontation; through motivation, not intimidation.

Goals for Chaplin's Automotive Group

Our goals for Chaplin's Automotive Group are:

  • Goal #1 To provide the highest level of service for our customers.
  • Goal #2 To create an uplifting environment in which our employees can work efficiently and peacefully.
  • Goal #3 To be the best without compromise.
  • Goal #4 To be proud of who we are and where we are.
  • Goal #5 To remember that there is no expense involved in having a positive attitude and a pleasant smile.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.